The Plane of the Shadow Wedge

I must clarify at the outset that, while I believe 9/11 was an inside job, it is not because of any video fakery evidence I have seen. In fact, I don't consider the video fakery theories or the no-plane theories (which require video fakery) very credible at all. But Ace Baker has done a fine job of presenting some interesting challenges, or worthy puzzles, as I like to think of them, on his 9/11 Airplane Video Composites wiki.

I believe I have solved three of his puzzles, which are addressed in the following blogs:

  1. No Obvious Mask

  2. No Magical Healing Columns

  3. No Over-Under Puffball

All three puzzles are involved with the impact of the second plane on the South Tower of the WTC, and all three have a common solution with a common underlying cause, which is the shadow wedge on the South side of the tower. Note that disproving these instances of video fakery should not be construed to be a disproof of all video fakery - that's not how it works. However, I would say it severely weakens the case for video fakery since these puzzles are supposedly some of the best evidence for video fakery, according to Ace.

Related Material

A video interview with Ace Baker and Steve Wright on Hardfire discusses the Ghost Plane, aka the Magical Healing Columns. (Ignore the negativity overlaid by the poster.)

Steve missed two points that I have raised in this article: The shadow wedge obscured the real impact of the plane with the wall, and the explosion blew off the aluminum siding making the hole appear larger, even though it was not.


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